The city of Flagstaff’s voters passed Proposition 414 Flagstaff’s Minimum Wage Law, a

voter initiative, with 54 percent of the vote in November

2016. Proposition 414 was amended by a supermajority ...


Jamie will advocate for economic development that creates good-paying jobs while building a sustainable future for all Flagstaff residents. She will also take a regional focus by continuing her seat on the Executive Council of the Northern Arizona Council of Governments(NACOG). Her application for the NACOG Economics Council is being reviewed for acceptance. Jamie believes that through a regional lens local economic development will grow strong. Jamie continues to set the stage for continued collaboration and communication to strategically invest public money to foster a healthy, growing economy.



Do we have enough options available to help Flagstaff citizens stay in Flagstaff? Does everyone have the opportunity to live and prosper in our City? Do they have a choice of housing options? Jamie will continue to support the growth of public resources and housing programs such as down payment assistance, land trusts, the use of City parcels for housing to create more inventory to stabilize costs which will ensure that all people can own and/or rent a home or an apartment. Housing must be achievable for all.



Some of our main corridors cannot accommodate the huge increase in cars. We all know what the traffic is like on Milton. As the city continues to explore ways to address this problem, we should recognize that building / widening roads isn’t the only answer. Growing our public bus system by increasing bus frequency and availability should also be part of our thinking. The multimodel approach to travel in our city is one we can all get behind. Bike lanes, FUTs trails are all parts of the solution. Even though we do not own or control State roads like Milton, Humphreys, Rt. 66 and 180. We must continue to work together with ADOT for a solution to our traffic issues. With the passing of the JWPowell expansion, the Lonetree Corridor and the Lonetree overpass we will begin to open city-owned arterial that will help improve our traffic problem in the City.



Let’s support our children. The City can be a vital partner in reaching our community's educational aspirations, and Jamie is a member of the Launch Board that has brought forth the 3year study that will offer free, full-day, full-year preschool for 4year olds in our community. By expanding access to high-quality early childhood education, the community will see a return of 16 percent per year. It will reduce future incarcerations, improving life outcomes, and strengthening families. Our community cannot ignore that kind of return. I believe that an excellent education system leads to a strong economy and community, and the City has a role to play - specifically as a community partner in a high-quality cradle to career opportunities for our citizens.



The importance of our city-wide network of pathways is undeniable. Used by bicyclists, walkers, hikers, and runners the FUTS system in Flagstaff make up about about 56 miles of trails. Our master plan shows the addition of 75 miles of trails with a goal of 130 miles. Jamie has always supported the completion of the system. "We must protect and maintain our Flagstaff Urban Trails System (FUTS)."   




We want a City Council that represents all views and all interests as we move forward. A council will be effective if we through the timer out, it is not about how quickly we can do the business of the City, it is about its leadership and focus on content, community voice and the creation of policy. Our process must be built on trust and transparency. I am a leader that listens, I am a skilled collaborator and will facilitate good discussions and decisions based on the voice of the Flagstaff people.


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