“I’m running for a chance to represent the average Flagstaff citizen and to continue to push for more affordable and attainable housing for our workforce, as well as being proactive in planning for and handling our inevitable growth.”


“As a business owner myself, I am intimately familiar with the possible impacts of the planned minimum wage increases on our town’s ability to retain small businesses and will work as best as I possibly can to help us balance that with worker’s equity in a place where the cost of living is so high.”


Jamie knows that a strong economy can be used to attract businesses that have small environmental footprints and quality jobs. She also knows that transportation, which includes public transit along with a bike-ped network will need continued support and investment.


“I am keenly aware of our need for rapid transit, and the expansion and maintenance of our FUTS and pedestrian trails.” 

“I promise to continue to listen to all constituents, maintain and grow our parks, and support the important cultural arts sector of our community.”


Having been an educator and raising her children here, Jamie values our open public recreational spaces. She is committed to protecting and maintaining Flagstaff’s historic neighborhoods, pocket parks, regional parks, tennis courts, hiking trails, and all the other city public areas that bring joy to us and our neighbors. 




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